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Find and Hire Chemistry Tutoring Experts

Browse 9 Chemistry Tutoring Freelancer Experts Online
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Neethu Merin Freelancer

80 USD / Hr

As a Math Teacher, you will be responsible for planning and teaching maths lessons to all the grade levels. You will also be responsible for performing tasks according to our curriculum. You should be helping students in developing interest in maths subjects.We are searching for a capable and trustworthy science teacher to join our excellent faculty.

Khushbakht Ilyas Freelancer

101 USD / Hr

Degree: Did my matriculation securing 92% in 2018 Did my intermediate securing 82% in 2020 Currently I'm doing BS bioinformatics 5th semester from comsats university Islamabad

Syed Raza Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

I am a Ph.D. doctor and currently working as an associate professor and teaching to medical undergraduate students (MBBS). Presently I am working on Primary Immune Deficiencies genetics. I am training post-graduate students as well.I help my students in communicating Biochemistry and Genetics through PPTs which not only include the syllabus (Biochemistry) but some funny slides More

Roshni Anwar Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

An experienced teacher who comes to you with a successful track record of motivating educating and teaching students.Has worked in teaching profession more than 3 years, and during this time has learnt how to not only develop pupils academic skills but also their character as well.

Saba Siddiqui Freelancer

20 USD / Hr

I worked at Superior School System as an Academic Monitor and Faculty Evaluation Assistant. Where I supervised all primary and secondary teachers' staff. I checked their daily lesson planners as well as their lesson planning thoroughly. Moreover kept a full record of their teaching after evaluating students. I conducted meetings with teachers if there is a need in order to More

Sohair Hassan Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

معلم تحت التدريب في كليه البنات التابعة لعين شمس الفرقة الثالثة اعمل بالتريس كمعلم تحت التدريب اتحدث الانجليزية بطلاقة اكتب شعر واستطيع نبسيط المعلومات سني ٢٠ عاما


تخرجت من جامعة حلب كلية الصيدلة سنة 2020 وعملت في مجال التدريس وكنت ناجحا به حيث كان عندنا مواد تختص بالكيمياء كثيرا فلذلك دخلت في مجال تدريس الكيمياء للإعدادية والثانوية

Farah Zeitouni Freelancer

100 USD / Hr

My educational background includes Bachelors degree (BS) in analytical chemistry, Master degree (Ms) in inorganic chemistry and I have been graduated with PhD in physical chemistry since 2012 from Beirut Arab University.