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Roshni Anwar Freelancer

Roshni Anwar

30 USD / Hr

Maths And Science Teacher , Sharjah - UAE

30 USD / Hr

An experienced teacher who comes to you with a successful track record of motivating educating and teaching students.Has worked in teaching profession more than 3 years, and during this time has learnt how to not only develop pupils academic skills but also their character as well.

Saba Siddiqui Freelancer

Saba Siddiqui

20 USD / Hr

Academic Coordinator , Sharjah - UAE

20 USD / Hr

I worked at Superior School System as an Academic Monitor and Faculty Evaluation Assistant. Where I supervised all primary and secondary teachers' staff. I checked their daily lesson planners as well as their lesson planning thoroughly. Moreover kept a full record of their teaching after evaluating students. I conducted meetings with teachers i More