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Zaid Alghanim Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

Education:Graduated from law school Skills: Excellent attention to detail Strong organization and prioritization skills, with ability to work on multiple jobs under tight deadlines WritingAdvertising articles that attract customers

Nehme Nesr Freelancer

1 USD / Hr

Started as an entrepreneur pathing my way into a good amount of experience at different sectors: 1) Pricing / Costing strategy 2) Brand Management 3) Reporting 4) Sales Strategy & Marketing 5) Recruitment 6) Procurement / Purchasing 7) Public Relations

hagar mostafa Freelancer

100 USD / Hr

Seeking a challenging position in a reputable company where my academic background and interpersonal skills are effectively developed and utilized.

Ahmed Abo Elghiet Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Motivated for success, looking forward to more Certificate from google digital garage . Certificate from Edrak Academy In Digital Marketing Certificate from Hubspot In Inbound Sales


Hello everyone! I am rand dabbagh, a fresh graduate who has 1 year experience in marketing and social media and 3 years experience in Sales. Im a fast learner and passionate about the marketing and sales sector! Im also passionate about creating an impact on the planet and exploring new things

Sara Eljack Freelancer

40 USD / Hr

I am an energetic marketing officer with over eight years of experience in effectively managing marketing projects from conception to completion. Adept in using digital marketing platforms to increase sales and overall company productivity. Experienced in preparing and overseeing online and print marketing campaigns, resulting in an increase in partner relations for the company.

Mahmoud Rezk Freelancer

50 USD / Hr

10 years in marketing field and i was A head manager For four Marketing Agency And I had now My own business in marketing so I Created an Agency Called mention That Working In Social medial platforms & online events

Isaac Elmasry Freelancer

5 USD / Hr

Proactive and like to connect with people. Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. Willing to take on any project that comes my way, Manage my time, And work with the team to get the best results possible.

Rajesh Giri Freelancer

24 USD / Hr

Tada events all brandings.Follow up venders foradvertising offce.Arna and kingfisher beer all event branding.e.g. letter cotout 3 D letter ,3 D board 2 D board.Glue sign board ,flex print vinyal forex, sticker mat laminatiin mat glosory.Nisan company's are all event branding.

Al Miqdad Al Tahir Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Hello! My name is Almiqdad Ali, I'm 19 years old and I'm currently a college student. I'm looking to employ my skills to work for other individuals and firms who can make use out of my abilities. - I am very experienced with handling Microsoft Office tools. - My English skills, Computer skills, and Communication skills are very solid. - As a young man who's ver More


I have the privilege to work in great companies that made me get the experience to have the passion and the commitment to practice my hobbies In which I go extra mile to meet the expectations of the clients , I am looking forward for success and achievements , I have earned my experience through working in each company as the major role to get leads , good deals and great image More


Online business. First time for work but i can work under pressure. Willing to know new things about sale. Can accomodate customers knows how to sell. Knows how to put in makeup brands.


انا علي عطيه عمري 30 سنه درست في جامعة الشرق الاوسط تخصص التسويق و حصلت على بعض الشهادات التي تتعلق بالتسويق وعملت في مجال تسويق منتجات السياحية و الكريمات الطبية و المستلزمات الطبية وكل ما يتعلق في المجال الطبي من اجهزة و معدات وعملت في تكلولوجيا المعلومات More


My name is yazan , i am 25 years old i am looking forward for work with you and share with you my ideas about marketing if we work together inshallah , we will make a good sales in every thing you want, because I know how sell things online and i will make all the online business easy for you .


القدرة على تسويق وبيع المنتجات القدره على العمل تحت اي ظرف سرعة الاستيعاب والفهم الإخلاص بالعمل


Dedicated and hardworking, great communication skills, positive attitude, great in carrying responsibilities, very good with make a decisions, Proficient in Microsoft Office Otherwise, I like gaming and streaming and I'm working on it at the moment and montaging and editing my videos and clips using Adobe Premier Pro