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Mahmoud Rezk Freelancer

Mahmoud Rezk

50 USD / Hr

Senior Marketing Manager , Cairo - Egypt

50 USD / Hr

10 years in marketing field and i was A head manager For four Marketing Agency And I had now My own business in marketing so I Created an Agency Called mention That Working In Social medial platforms & online events

Isaac Elmasry Freelancer

Isaac Elmasry

5 USD / Hr

Digital Project Manager , Mansoura - Egypt

5 USD / Hr

Proactive and like to connect with people. Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. Willing to take on any project that comes my way, Manage my time, And work with the team to get the best results possible.

Rajesh Giri Freelancer

Rajesh Giri

24 USD / Hr

Marketing Officer , Dubai - UAE

24 USD / Hr

Tada events all brandings.Follow up venders foradvertising offce.Arna and kingfisher beer all event branding.e.g. letter cotout 3 D letter ,3 D board 2 D board.Glue sign board ,flex print vinyal forex, sticker mat laminatiin mat glosory.Nisan company's are all event branding.

Abdelrahman Elganai... Freelancer

Abdelrahman Elganai...

10 USD / Hr

Marketing Specialist , Cairo - Egypt

10 USD / Hr

I have the privilege to work in great companies that made me get the experience to have the passion and the commitment to practice my hobbies In which I go extra mile to meet the expectations of the clients , I am looking forward for success and achievements , I have earned my experience through working in each company as the major role to get lead More

Gemmalyn Rose Marqu... Freelancer

Gemmalyn Rose Marqu...

28 USD / Hr

Cosmetic, makeup, can speak in englis, customer representative, marketing, sales , Manila - Philippines

28 USD / Hr

Online business. First time for work but i can work under pressure. Willing to know new things about sale. Can accomodate customers knows how to sell. Knows how to put in makeup brands.

محمد حجازي Freelancer

محمد حجازي

30 USD / Hr

مسوق رقمي , غزة - فلسطين

30 USD / Hr

محمد أحمد محمد حجازي . فلسطين . غزة . 18 عاما . أدرس لدى بكالوريس في جامعة القدس المفتوحة ومتطوع في شركة سياق أعمل لدى تسويق رقمي إعلانات ممولة على منصات التواصل الاجتماعي (تويتر . فيس بوك . لينكد إن . سناب شات . انستقرام. يوتيوب ) More

Hamdan Nassan Freelancer

Hamdan Nassan

10 USD / Hr

Graduate Marketing , رام الله - فلسطين

10 USD / Hr

ادرس في جامعة بيرزيت تخصص تسويق سنه اولى وابحث عن وظيفة تناسب تخصصي وتبحث عن وظيفه ملائمة لجدولة ال مني المختص بالجامعه وما يخص البرنامج الفصليمتمني لكم كل الاحترام

Mohamed Shahien Freelancer

Mohamed Shahien

25 USD / Hr

Marketing Specialist , القاهرة - مصر

25 USD / Hr

Originally i am an egineer , holding Mba in double majors Int. Marketing &Int Management , i specialize in all marketing aspects starting from making full marketing plans ,ihave a diploma also in Digital marketing and use this as a part of full marketing integrated communication plan .Resutls oriented , have specialised for a long time in sector of tourism