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Rachel Collins Freelancer

Rachel Collins

20 USD / Hr

Graduates accounting and finance , Listowel - Ireland

20 USD / Hr

Accounts & Finance student looking for a graduate programme or graduate job to continue on in this field. After a lot of time and dedication spent on my coursework over the last three years, I’d now like to put that knowledge to good use.

Rafat qubbaj Freelancer

Rafat qubbaj

25 USD / Hr

uat testing , Amman - Jordan

25 USD / Hr

Over 3 years’ experience in program testing and development,Responsible for a full system development lifecycle, including designing, developing and implementing test plans, test cases and test processes to make sure it covers all the possible cases. Experience working with Digital Development and QA teams. Currently, dedicated, effective and More

Amal Saba Freelancer

Amal Saba

15 USD / Hr

Accountant Accounts Receivable , Cairo - Egypt

15 USD / Hr

I have a experience in , bank reconsecration , accounts payable , accounts receivable , Egypt taxation ,& payroll & patty cash in multinational company . also i have experience in ERP system such as quick books & Oracle & axapta .

Chithumol Sudevan Freelancer

Chithumol Sudevan

10 USD / Hr

Accountant, auditor, accountant assistant , Deira - UAE

10 USD / Hr

Knowledgeable accounting professional bringing 9 years of experiencei n Finance. Successful at revamping and strengthening controls,reorganizing processes and simplifying procedures to maximize efficiency and accuracy of accounting records. Proficient in Tally ERP and prime.

Mahmoud Abuhassira Freelancer

Mahmoud Abuhassira

9 USD / Hr

Account Manager , Dubai - UAE

9 USD / Hr

Looking for a part time job for earing extra income. Have an experience of 7+ years of experience in accounting and audit field in general trading and contracting field

Uthman Alghamdi Freelancer

Uthman Alghamdi

200 USD / Hr

CMgr MCMI NVQC 7 MBA , Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

200 USD / Hr

Uthman Ali Alghamdi is a highly motivated and qualified strategic direction & leadership professional with rich mix of business management, analysis. operations and development knowledge in the banking industry. Diversely experienced from start up to work out, turnaround and rapid growth resolving long-standing problems and creating solutions t More

Nidal Jaber Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

١٨ سنة خبرة في اعمال المحاسبة والقوائم المالية خريج جامعة مؤتة الاردن خبرة في تاسيس الحسابات واعداد القوائم المالية واعداد تقرير ضريبة القيمة المضافة

Bassem Essa Freelancer

Bassem Essa

17 USD / Hr

محاسب و مدخل بيانات , القاهرة - مصر

17 USD / Hr

الاسم : باسم عيسى عبدالله تاريخ الميلاد : 24/8/1991 الحاله الاجتماعيه : متزوج لدى خبره فى عده مجالات لانى صاحب شركه مقاولات و امتلك الخبرة الكافيه فى الاداره خبره 8 سنوات

موسى ابو حي... Freelancer

موسى ابو حي...

10 USD / Hr

مدير مالي / مدخل بيانات / مشرف مشاريع مياه دكتايل , رام الله - فلسطين

10 USD / Hr

عمل في مجال محاسبة شركات المقاولات / كمدير مالي و مدير مشاريع مياه الدكتايل بخبرة من 1998 و شهادات من جهات مختلفة في ادارة المحاسبة و التدقيق و الاشراف على تنفيذ المشاريع و تخصص مشاريع المياه و المضخات و مواسير الدكتايل