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Deema Abu Nimeh Freelancer

Deema Abu Nimeh

17 USD / Hr

English Teacher , Ramallah - Palestine

17 USD / Hr

My name is deema -bilingual ( fluent ) in arabic and english - easy communication and availability at all times -able to teach all kinds of students of all levels - Best tutoring for lowest cost

Younas Khan Freelancer

Younas Khan

10 USD / Hr

Maths And Science Teacher , Abu Dhabi - UAE

10 USD / Hr

Well qualified 2. Well experience 3. Humble 4. Good communication skills 5. Responsible 6. Chalanging 7. Honourable 8. Position holder 9. Good experience in mathematics 10. Experience in numerical problems

Abdullah Ansari Freelancer

Abdullah Ansari

10 USD / Hr

Post Graduate Teacher , Aligarh - India

10 USD / Hr

As a physics and mathematics teacher from twenty plus years I'm highly experienced to find real causes of learning difficulties and deficits. I'm a trained counsellor also. One of my pg degree qualifications is in education with special component on counselling psychology. I'm already providing counselling services in India as a freela More

محمد حسين محم... Freelancer

محمد حسين محم...

5 USD / Hr

معلم اول رياضيات , القاهرة - مصر

5 USD / Hr

معلم أول رياضيات خبرة ١٤ عام في تدريس مادة الرياضيات جبر هندسة تفاضل تكامل استاتيكا ديناميكا احصاء معلم رياضيات بوزارة التربية والتعليم ثم الازهر الشريف