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Jaséem J Freelancer

Jaséem J

10 USD / Hr

Digital Marketing Manager , Thiruvananthapuram - India

10 USD / Hr

I Jaseem and i from India I working as digital marketing manager with various institutions in my home country now i am looking for an opportunity to work freelance digital marketing manager

Mahmoud Rezk Freelancer

Mahmoud Rezk

50 USD / Hr

Senior Marketing Manager , Cairo - Egypt

50 USD / Hr

10 years in marketing field and i was A head manager For four Marketing Agency And I had now My own business in marketing so I Created an Agency Called mention That Working In Social medial platforms & online events

Mohamed shawky Freelancer

Mohamed shawky

5 USD / Hr

IT Specialist , Suways - Egypt

5 USD / Hr

Graduate from el Shrouk academy in 2017 computer science department I have experience in many programming languages and network

Abdelrahman Elganai... Freelancer

Abdelrahman Elganai...

10 USD / Hr

Marketing Specialist , Cairo - Egypt

10 USD / Hr

I have the privilege to work in great companies that made me get the experience to have the passion and the commitment to practice my hobbies In which I go extra mile to meet the expectations of the clients , I am looking forward for success and achievements , I have earned my experience through working in each company as the major role to get lead More

سالم الموط Freelancer

سالم الموط

50 USD / Hr

مسوق محترف , عرعر - السعودية

50 USD / Hr

حاصل على شهادات في التسويق والنشر والترويج الالكتروني اعمل بإحترافية غير مسبوقه لدي القدرة على الاقناع لدي القدرة في ادارة جميع حسابات مواقع التواصل كتابة المحتوى الاعلامي والدعائي عمل الدعايات والاعلانات سواء بالتمثيل او صوتي More

Yasmin Mohammad Freelancer

Yasmin Mohammad

5 USD / Hr

مسوق الكتروني , المنيا - مصر

5 USD / Hr

مسوق الكتروني ومصمم ولدي وقت فراغ كبير واحتاج الي العمل ضروري وافهم ف البرمجه والترجمه والتسويق الالكتروني اني اعمل منذ سنتين واجيد الفهم واريد ان اعمل