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Software developers generally write code to develop software.Software tester generally test whether or not code runs as we expected it to run. They are responsible for helping business to be more efficient to produce system that can be sold on open market.

kamel shaltout Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Creative Mobile Application Developer is talented at integrating novel design elements and interaction points to build new and exciting user experiences. Known for advancing flutter apps through unique and unusual interfaces. Committed to presenting users with easy-to-use interfaces and entertainment elements while driving exceptional ROI.


Behlül from Turkey. I have developed many projects. I set up mobile application structures of companies. I worked in local freelance jobs. I've just started working globally and all is well :). I am usually called to companies when rapid development is requested.

Ahmed Elnoor Freelancer

30 USD / Hr

I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated software engineer with 4 years of experience. I have a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities associated with being a mobile application developer. I currently work mainly with Kotlin as well as with Java. Hands-on experience with Agile methodology using up-to-date mobile stack in developing, testing, and publishing mobile More


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته اخي الكريم ارجو ان تكون سعيدا فانا هنا لخدمتك في اي وقت لا تتردد في التواصل معي لكي نبدا العمل معا هيا ماذا تنتظر محبك زياد الشرفا


الاسم محمد شاهر السن 23 طالب بكليه الحقوق جامعه حلوان اشتغلت كتير في الافيليت و الماركتينح علي الفيس بوك و الانستجرام احترافيه البيع والتعامل مع العملاء