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Amr Mhmed Freelancer

Amr Mhmed

5 USD / Hr

Senior 3d Artist , Cairo - Egypt

5 USD / Hr

I'm architect for interior and exterior design and landscaping design 3d modeling building And rendering

Vishvendra Rohatgi Freelancer

Vishvendra Rohatgi

5 USD / Hr

Graphic Animator , Aligarh - India

5 USD / Hr

Hi there, This is Vishvendra Rohatgi, Graduated in Visual arts. With knowledge of asthetic sense which provides best result in projects. Great understanding of client's requirements.

Fadi Saleh Freelancer

Fadi Saleh

15 USD / Hr

Graphic Designer , رام الله - فلسطين

15 USD / Hr

I worked as a trainer to work on the computer and worked in a publishing and distribution house as a graphic designer and worked in a marketing publishing house and worked as a graphic designer in a car accessories store and worked in the Asos company to manage one of its branches in Palestine

محمود العباد... Freelancer

محمود العباد...

10 USD / Hr

مهندس معماري , القاهرة - مصر

10 USD / Hr

مهندس معماري محمود سعد العبادي حاصل علي بكالوريوس الهندسه المعماريه & اعمل في مجال العماره والتصميم الداخلي والخارجي & لقد عملت في احد الشركات الرائده في مجال التصميم الداخلي والان صاحب عمل حر & اقوم بعمل تصميمات 2D , 3D & عمل لوحات المعماريه والانشائيه عمل لوحات الفرش عمل لوحات التغذيه والصرف عمل لوحات التكييف عمل لوحات الكهرباء والجبسنبورد عمل ل More

mothafar husni alatiy... Freelancer

mothafar husni alatiy...

35 USD / Hr

Senior Graphic Designer & Animation Artist , خلدا وتلاع العلي - ألاردن

35 USD / Hr

I am a specialist⚙ and very passionate📌 in digital drawing🙌 and graphic designing ✔ (animation artist )✅ I have great experience✨ and qualifications✌ in the entire field of graphic design as well as digital drawing and animation drawing My experience is over 5 years✨