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what I do and I'm quite confident in my skillset. I'm very good at: - HTML5, CSS3 - SASS/LESS/SCSS, Bootstrap 3/4 & Tailwind - JavaScript (ES5 to ES8) Babel/Webpack/Gulp - PHP & WordPress CPT, ACF, Customizer API - Responsive web design (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile & more) - Cross-browser compatibility - W3Validation, Envato, Theme Check standards in coding


Excellent in computer, patient employee, fast knowledge, fast in typing on keyboard, good and fast learning, good and fast in data entry. Wish i can work in your company as a freelancer and be sure that i will succeed in all your requests.

Lara Kanash Freelancer

300 USD / Hr

This is Lara Kanash, having a Bachelor degree in applied English from University of Jordan. My goal is to join a company that indulges professional growth thus allowing me to utilize my knowledge and skills to help in achieving the strategic goals.I seek to have a job with the perfect achievement, simply having a job means you will be involved in the society.


I'm searching for a freelancer opportunity, preferredInformation Technology related. I'm a computer engineer with a good experience in Systems, networks, and IT security.


I'm a 21 bilingual student I studyAccounting Information Systems in one of the best universities here in jordan. I speak fluent English and I'm native in arabic ,both standard and my country's dialect _Jordanian dialect_ and a lot of other dialects (Arabic Egyptian dialect, Saudi dialect, Syrian dialect, Lebanese dialect and Iraqi dialect). I can work up to 6 hours More

ALi Abutair Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

I am self-motivated, ambitious and eager to learn. Looking for both personal and professional growth makes me capable of working confidently under pressure, I like to travel anywhere for job purposes. Attending Jordan Certified Public Accountants (jcba) at Sarh Aljoman for Consultancy. Have a good knowledge in ALPHA ERP , FALCONS SOFT . Good command of Microsoft Office™t More


الإسم خالد محمد النبابته مكان و تاريخ الميلاد الزرقاء 18 / 11 / 1984 الشهادات ثانوية عامة فرع الأدبي 2004 بكالوريوس معلم صف لغة انجليزية 2009 دورات مهارات الإتصال كيف أكون قياديا


اسمي يوسف ابوعقل مبرمج جافا وتطوير تطبيقات الاندرويد مهتم جدا في مجال الانترنت والبرمجة لدي خبره كافيه للتعامل مع الحاسوب وانظمة التشغيل اعمل على عدة مشاريع في تطوير تطبيقات الاندرويد، اعمل ايضا على برمجة المتحكمات مثل PLC، Ardunio. عملت أيضا على مشاريع EXEL في ادخال وتنظيم البيانات More


My name is yazan , i am 25 years old i am looking forward for work with you and share with you my ideas about marketing if we work together inshallah , we will make a good sales in every thing you want, because I know how sell things online and i will make all the online business easy for you .


My name is firas banna I live in Jordan, I'm 22 years old I'm studying computer engineering at BAU I always wanted to try to work in different environments and deal with different people around me with different culture I like to serve and be part of success of my working environment I have good experience in IT ,sales, customer service and support


الاسم: محمد عبدالهادي احمد دغلس العمر:٢٢ انا حديث التخرج و حاليا ادرس اللغة الانجليزية اريد ان اطور من نفسي


اماني محمد احمد منسي العمر:40 كان يعمل مدخل بيانات ل مستشفى قصر شبيب الخبره:5 سنوات في هذا المجال يعمل حاليا لدى مركز صحي في إدخال البيانات


المقدره على تحمل أعباء العمل وساعات العمل الطويله والتحكم بالعمل عن بعد بخصوص المساحه والاعمال الهندسيه وبرمجة الحاسوب والرياضيات والعمل ضمن مجموعات


Graduated from university as software engineer Excellent computer skills Work with team Good communicating skills

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