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I'm a student in a high school and i always wanted a job about translate a really have five language but i translate from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English.

Haidy Hesham Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Highly organized and self-motivated, unique multiplayer seeks the position of Subtitling Specialist/ Translator. Bringing excellent verbal and written communication skills. I am skilled at usage of audiovisual translation interfaces like SubEdit and Audacity.

-Translate fast and accurate . - develop and mantain code documentation . - help in english and french marketing ads . - help in undeestanding language by explaining it as a teacher - language editor and trainer .

I have been a freelancing translator for more than 11 years, I translate from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English. I am very accurate, efficient and fast. I did a lot of translating projects like surveys, company documents, and many individual private work.

I lived in Turkey in 3 years and I am a student in one of the Turkish universities also know the vernacular well in the Turkish language, the Arabic language classical also good, and has about 40% of English

I'm an excellent and professionalEnglish-to-Arabic /Arabic-to-English translator and proofreader. kibdly reach out to me, I'm ready to translate at anytime

Manar Shirin Freelancer

15 USD / Hr

Zero experience in working. But perfect English writing and speaking. Translating all fields of English. Studied English literature and Critical literature and comparative literature.

Fluent English speaker , capable of translating any English content to Arabic and vise versa was recently working at Upwork and I've worked on many fields such as( digital Marketing and content writing , teaching English , and translating)

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication and media arts. However, I'm interested in translating English to Arabic and vice versa. Also, typing documents or Excel work

I am medical student worked as digital markter and as a freelancer english egyptian translator . I am hardworker has great microsoft office skills

Diana CHEAIB Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

Professional Translator with almost 10 years of experience providing accuracy with deep understanding for three ( French - English & Arabic) source and target languages.

My goal is to help others to grasp the essence of words regardless of boarders between different tongues and cultures. It's always my passion to keep myself engaged in the language field.

Muhammed Adel Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

My name is Muhammed Adel, aPharmacist, and a Medical Translator. Boosted by My medical knowledge and Language Skills in both English and Arabic, besides using CAT tools, I translate Medical content efficiently and precisely, providing high-Quality Translation Matching Quality assurance Standards

Hello, I am Omar. I am an Arab from Egypt. I love translation, research a lot, and diligence in this matter. I can translate for you from English to Arabic and from French to Arabic.

Hello, i can help you when you to translate among any of these languages, I'm always ready to help, and I'm so fast in my work, and i give my work every thing and all the attention.

English translator from english to arabic and from arabic to english with the right grammar in both languages and the tasks can be done in small time frame.

Jemy Salem Freelancer

5 USD / Hr

Hello this is Jemy I would be honored working on your project ‚ i have been working on translation for more than 5 years . I aim always to deliver the job well before the deadline and the results will meet your expectations .

Translating between both English and Arabic for both documents and live interpretations

Hanadi Taqash Freelancer

10 USD / Hr

I was working in 3rd group consultation engineering company for 3 years as a secretary and HR manager after that I worked as a volunteer in one of the most charities as KG teacher.

Iam looking for a job to get more experience, build new skills, and choose the right path to work in after graduation. I will be graduating next semester, on June.2022.