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Do you want job in Dubai?

Do you want a job in Dubai, and you’re on a visit visa? Here are the solutions!

Dubai is a career attraction point for a lot of people around the globe, for many reasons:

  • The endless demand for skilled-labor.
  • Lucrative compensation packages.
  • Tax-free salary.
  • High quality lifestyle.

    Despite the accessibility in getting a job in Dubai from your country, many people tend to visit Dubai before applying to a job so as to adapt with its ambiance.

    Here, we’ll indicate you the best ways to find a job in Dubai while you’re on a visit visa.

What is a visit visa?

    It is an entry permit that allows you to enter UAE.

    If you want to reside in UAE, you must have a sponsorship of a resident or a company or any hotel licensed to operate in the UAE.

    There are 4 types of visit visa, whose all validity is 60 days starting from the date of issue. If you don’t enter the country within the designated period of time, you should re-submit for a visa. The 4 types are:

      1. Short-Term Visa: a non-renewable visa that enables you to stay in the UAE for 30 continuous days since the day you arrived.

      2. Long-Term Visa: a non-renewable visa that enables you to stay in the UAE for 90 continuous days since the day you arrived.

      3. Multiple-Entry Visit Visa: It is valid for 6 months. However, the multiple entry visit visa holder can only stay for 14 days within the country after arrival. Also, the application process requires the applicant to enter the UAE initially on a single entry visit visa. After entering the country within the first 5 days, the person can apply for a multiple entry visit visa.

Facts you should know about the visit-visa?

  • Visit visa holders must leave the country on the determined expiry date or before. If you stay further than this, you will be penalized for every additional day after the visa-expiry.
  • After departing from UAE, you will not be allowed to re-apply for a visit-visa until 30 days after your date of departure.
  • G.C.C citizens are not required to have any kind of visa to enter the U.A.E.
  • G.C.C residents can obtain a non-renewable 30 days visit visa upon arrival.
  • Citizens of the following 33 countries do not require sponsorship from UAE residents, company, hotel, or travel agency, for obtaining a visit visa
  • Andorra Hong Kong Norway
    Australia Iceland Portugal
    Austria Ireland San Marino
    Belgium Italy Singapore
    Brunei Japan South Korea
    Canada Liechtenstein Spain
    Denmark Luxembourg Sweden
    Finland Malaysia Switzerland
    France Monaco United Kingdom
    Germany Netherlands USA
    Greece New Zealand Vatican
  • Working in Dubai with visit-visa is illegal and is subject to fine, jail, deportation, or even having your name in the permanent blacklist where you can never enter UAE again.
  • Indian citizens with a valid US visa or a green card can obtain 14 days visit visa upon arrival in the UAE which can be extendable for 14 days for one time only.

How to search for a job in Dubai while you’re on a visit visa?

    1.Don’t forget to prepare a professional enchanting CV and cover letter so as not to put your efforts in vein, ask for the assistance of professional CV builders. Then, start your job search earliest time possible before arriving in Dubai, how?

    • Put in mind to prepare thoroughly and include all aspects to avoid falling in any mistake that may deprive you of this life-time opportunity. Research through the industries you prefer in Dubai then make a list of the companies you want to apply for.

    2.Select the right time of visit. Avoid visiting UAE in summer times where the temperature reaches to 50 degrees as this will make it difficult for you to commute between interview venues. In addition, most of the hiring managers and employers travel to have relaxing vacation and to escape from the hot summer of the Arabian Gulf.

    3.Filter your Search.

    • Read the job-description of all the jobs you applied for.
    • Filter your selection, choose what jobs fit your qualifications and needs more.
    • Customize your resume and cover letter to match each job description of the jobs you preferred.
    • Divide this mission on daily basis.

    4.Attend as much walk-in interviews as you can. Gather pieces of information about walk-in interviews before arriving in Dubai. We (Dr.Jobs) can help you thoroughly concerning this issue, by providing clarifying details and appointments of walk-in interviews of any company.

    5.Ask for the professional network’s help. Networking is the most efficient way of finding work in Dubai. Most employers prefer to hire candidates that are recommended by their internal staff. So, elaborate your circle of professional acquaintances of people working in Dubai and declare your desire of working there.

    6.Proper follow-up. Although follow-ups are tricky, there are too essential for obtaining a job in Dubai. Asking the interviewer about the date in which you expect to hear about their final decision. Also, don’t forget to inform them about the date you’re leaving back home and that you prefer to hear from them before that day.