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Do You Hate Your Job!

Do You Hate Your Job!

It’s so hard now to achieve your dreams through a job that you didn’t love or feeling comfortable in it. Also the Market of hiring now is very tight and highly competitive. There are three main points’ makes employee hates their job in any company which are:

1-The Right Guy in the Wrong Place

It’s mainly like putting Batman or Superman in a kitchen asking him to cook the Lunch for you, of course he can’t do for you such a plate of egg or cup of tea, as simply it’s not his work , he exist to help and defend people and save the world. So for every Manager you must think well before putting an employee in the wrong place as he may quit soon.

2-Read between the Lines

It's a fact of business: There are some things your employees just won't tell you. But part of being a good boss is learning to read between the lines. When your employees act out, The best way to deal with these complaints: Don't be afraid to ask. Carefully consider & try to solve it as much as you can.

3-You think you are a Boss not a Leader

One final possibility...your employees’ think you're a jerk. One employee behaving badly is enough to destroy teamwork, ruin morale, and turn a solid business into a dysfunctional mess...that's especially true when that one employee behaving badly is you.
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