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Saudi Arabia’s economy is the largest in the Arab world. It has the 13th largest economy in the world. Working in Saudi Arabia- Riyadh and Jeddah-, you will participate in this flourishing economy.... Read More

Jobs in Jeddah: Jeddah is one of the most important centers in Saudi Arabia. It is the second-largest Saudi city located on the Red Sea coast. Being one of the major urban regions in west Saudi Arabia and home to the country’s largest port, Jeddah becomes the KSA’s commercial hub. Job seekers can find jobs in different sectors such as oil refining, tourism, logistics, and transportation, etc. 

Jobs in Riyadh: About one-third of the country’s factories are located in Riyadh, offering job vacancies for skilled laborers, helpers, and experienced professionals as well. It is the country’s capital, Riyadh is the seat of several government bodies. Banking, tourism, healthcare, construction, and many other fields offer hundred job vacancies for candidates. 

   While Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas sector is a major employer, the current plan to diversify the economy opens up opportunities in other industries such as logistics, retailtelecommunication, IThealth care, and engineering. Moreover, many infrastructure projects also have jobs for both skilled and unskilled laborers. 

Which are the popular jobs in Saudi Arabia? 

Which are the popular job industries in Saudi Arabia? 

  Some of the best jobs in Saudi Arabia are in industries other than oil and petrochemicals including, 

What are the top 10 hiring companies in Saudi Arabia? 

  • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
  • Saudi Telecom Company (STC)
  • Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation
  • National Commercial Bank
  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • Saudi Arabian Mining Co (Maaden)
  • Aramco
  • Almarai Co.
  • Saudi British Bank
  • Riyad Bank

What are the working hours in Saudi Arabia? 

  Typically, working hours tend to be 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. Yet, during Ramadan, the working hours decreased to 6 hours per day. Also, employees have granted a day off during public holidays. 

What are the requirements to get a job in Saudi Arabia?

Education, experience, and skills

  • Job seekers shall have education and professional qualifications related to the profession, as per the ministry of labor.
  • Skilled professionals with working experience in the Saudi market, language, culture, and labor laws have a big chance to enjoy lucrative package offers. 

Jobs in Saudi Arabia for foreigners

Getting your right visa: 

   There are different types of Visa, including a tourist visa. Job seekers shall have a Saudi employment visa if they want to work in the country. Additionally, a job offer and a 6-months valid passport are mandatory. 

What is the average salary for jobs in Saudi Arabia? 

Working in Saudi Arabia comes with financial benefits. 

Salaries are higher comparing to most countries in the world. The average salary for an employee in Saudi Arabia is around 4,000 SAR per month. Salaries range from 3,000 SAR to 74,000 SAR. Besides, Salaries are tax-free, which means you have more cash to save.

What are the other benefits of working in Saudi Arabia?

  • Employees who complete two years’ service or more are also eligible for end-of-service benefits (severance pay). 
  • Employees have healthy rewards for their efforts, as do managers and officers. Bankers get about 2 to 4 months’ salary as a bonus by the end of the monetary year.
  • Staff members are entitled to annual leave of 21 days, which extended to 30 days starting from the sixth year of employment. All these are paid-vacations.
  • There are also other benefits, such as health insurance, accommodation, transport, and education allowances. 

What are the widely spoken languages in Saudi Arabia? 

Although the official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, English is used widely as a business language. Additionally, languages as Urdu, Rohingya, and Tagalog are used narrowly because of the different nationalities in the country. 

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