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Working in Jeddah is a good career move. Jeddah is one of the most important centers in Saudi Arabia . It is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, located on the Red Sea coast. Being one of the major urban regions in west Saudi Arabia and home to the country’s largest port and oil refining industry, Jeddah becomes the KSA’s commercial hub.... Read More

What are the popular jobs in Jeddah?

What are the popular job industries in Jeddah?

  • Logistics industry
  • Marketing industry
  • Finance industry
  • Oil refine industry
  • Construction industry
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Marketing jobs
  • Travel and tourism
  • Working in Jeddah comes with its perks. The city has its various resources for national income. Although Saudi Arabia depends on oil as the main source of national income, Jeddah doesn’t have much oil resources of its own. However, the oil refining is done in Jeddah and exported to other countries. The thing that resulted in the existence of many mining projects, quarries, and power plants.
  • Jeddah has a large commercial port that gives new energy to the city by promoting new job industries such as storage, packaging, transport, logistics, and trading. Most of the imports that pass through Jeddah are from countries such as China, India, Turkey, UAE, and more. Consequently, expats from these countries have the advantage to work there.
  • There is a high demand for industrial machinery and equipment, so you can find job opportunities in mining, aluminum, and steel production. The most prominent vacancies in Jeddah can be found in logistics, oil industries, finance, and construction.
  • Jobs in the sector of Construction become in high demand, the construction sector is expected to grow by 7, 05% between2016 to 2020. Expatriates with professional experience in urban development can easily find a job in Jeddah. Many infrastructure projects are coming like Saudi Land Bridge, King Abdullah economic city, and more.
  • Due to its strategic location, the city offers excellent opportunities for expats working and looking for work in the tourism industry. Its proximity to Islam’s holiest cities, Mecca and Madina, make it a prominent stop for tourists, especially during the Hajj. Moreover, Jeddah hosts many trade fairs. Hospitality becomes big business in the city.
  • Jeddah has evolved into an attractive job market for people from different industries, such as real estate, food processing, ICT, social services, engineering, and other major industries. Education and health care provide the main job opportunities for women working in Jeddah.

Work Hours, qualifications, and benefits

  • Employees are expected to work for 8 hours a day. The work hours are reduced by two hours during Ramadan. Employees are entitled to 21 days of annual paid leave and they extended to 30 days after working for the organization for 5 years.
  • Job seekers shall have education and professional qualifications related to the profession, as per the ministry of labor. Knowing basic Arabic is an advantage since Arabic is the official language in KSA. English is widely used also but in a professional setting.
  • Job seekers are required to have a work permit and a relevant visa. The work permit is obtained on behalf of employees and sponsored locally by a licensed and incorporated body or people.
  • More jobs for expats working in Jeddah come resulted from the lack of Saudi employees in the private sector. As a result, skilled professionals with working experience in the Saudi market, language, culture, and labor laws have a big chance to enjoy a lucrative package offers including free accommodation, health insurance, annual flight tickets, some employers offer transportation and education allowance. Besides, a free-tax salary.

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