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Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and one of the largest cities in Africa. It is the 16th most populous metropolitan area in the world. Its history goes back to more than 1000 years and it is located on the Nile River.Egypt, Cairo is not an exception, is considered to be a bridge between the Middle East and Africa.

Cairo is the city of contrasts; you can find pyramids, museums, and temples that go back to 7000 years besides all aspects of modernity. ... Read More

Living and working in Cairo offers you a great chance to explore one of the world’s oldest civilization and the unique culture of Egyptians.It is a great chance to get work experience in the Middle East.

What are the major industries for jobs in Cairo?

Cairo combines an endless list of flourishing industries that you can never find concentrated on one place.

Because of the history and the sunny weather, the tourism sector becomes one of the leading sources of income in Egypt. It creates thousands of job opportunities in many fields such as hotels and hospitality, Sales, operations, and travel agencies. Many expats can work in the tourism sector, often in executive or management positions.

Agriculture is a major contributor to the Egyptian economy. About a third of the workforce is employed in the agriculture sector. The agriculture sector offers you many job opportunities.

Manufacture sector grew to be one of the largest sectors of Egypt’s economy. There are many industrial cities that have hundreds of factories that offer job opportunities.

In education, Cairo has numerous national and international schools and universities that make the city perfect for teachers looking to relocate and work in Cairo.

Cairo is a home for many other industries such as:

Cairo international airport is a good place to enhance the career experience as working with almost all aviation companies, and different nationalities from all over the world.

Find a list of Airport Jobs on Drjobs.

Due to its regional and international importance, many international companies based in Cairo. There are also many embassies in Cairo that offer job opportunities for Egyptians and foreigners as well. You can find jobs in the American Embassy, British Embassy, Australian Embassy, and Sweden Embassy.

Once you have a ,work permit you can work in Egypt as a foreign national. You’ll obtain an entry/tourism visa upon entering the country, and from there you can apply for the work permit. The work visa is valid for one year and it is renewable. It is always important to check visa requirements with the Egyptian Embassy before relocating.

Which are popular jobs in Cairo?

Working Hours, salary range, benefits

  • The average working hours per week is 48 hours and if there are public holidays, employees are required to work overtime. Moreover, employees are subject to take an annual holiday of 21 days that extended to 30 days after completing 10 years of working at the company.
  • In Cairo, the average salary is around EGP 3000. It totally depends on one’s skills, qualifications, and experience.
  • Cairo offers great benefits to foreigners including round-trip flights, accommodation, and some employers offer transportation and housing allowance. You have the opportunity to earn compensation and bonuses over and above the salary.

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