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11 Top paying jobs in UAE

top paying jobs in UAE

Today, I’m dedicating this article to people who are searching for a job opportunity in UAE

How to find a career that makes you happy?

career that makes happy

For the majority of us, work is an inevitable unpleasant part of our life; we’ve to work so as to live.

How to boost your productivity in fewer hours?

productivity in fewer hours

Working for longer hours doesn’t equal more productivity; this an adage which you’ve to stick it firmly in your mind.

Negotiating your first salary

negotiate your first salary

As a fresh graduate heading to start your career life, you probably may be running after any available chance regardless of the financial and other benefits it offers.

How To Avoid Poor Job Performance?!

Important Apps For UAE

When you stand in front of the stair you are the one who decide you’ll walk up or stay in the same stair, the same situation happens at work you’re the one who decide to walk up “by improving your work performance “ or stay in the same stair “ by not enhancing your performance skills”.

Important Apps For UAE Employees

Important Apps For UAE

Make use of our e-services via the smartphone apps which could be accessed limitlessly, these apps are completely user-friendly, highly secured and apply government standards which meets your demands and ensures further happiness.

Delaying Tasks

Delaying Tasks

How many times do you have an overloaded schedule and you end your day with 'I'll complete it later', or receiving necessary task at work and postpone your schedule for another day without a strong justification?

Let Employers Find you

let employer finds you

How to Impress Employers with your CV?!

How to Prepare for a Job Interview ?!

prepare fo a interview

The search for job opportunity it’s one of the most difficult challenges that many facing especially for new grades ,and this process includes many steps but the most important step is the last one 'The interview'

6 effective ways to manage uncontrollable email traffic

email traffic management

Checking your email to find bulk of unread messages, then getting distracted and frustrated, then signing out your email.

9 Tips to Successful Time Management

9 tips for time management

Time Management-I bet that about more than half of the people on earth dream to master this skill perfectly! We wonder about the differences in the extent of achievements extent between one person and another.

How to facilitate your return to work after maternity leave?

how to facilitate maternity

All working women who ended their maternity leave, enter into endless conflict of emotions when it’s time to resume their work regularly.

What Makes Dr.Job The Best Job Search Engine in GCC!

what makes Job

Dr.Job the ultimate leading job search engine in the UAE and ME is not just another ordinary search engine, it has been carefully designed to suit your job search and serve your needs.

Anger Strikes Reasons and How to Control it!

artical Job

Anger strikes are such a common thing to happen especially at your workplace, there’s a dozen of reasons that encourage them to occur…

How To Negotiate Your Salary Range!

Negotiate salary

Negotiating a better salary is something we all need to be aware and open to, no matter when was your last time to do so, even if you had never done it before, you need to concentrate the next time you are accepting another job offer and make sure it's not oppressing your skills and value!

The Three Secrets To A Successful Career Change!

After five year

Changing your career nowadays has become the new normal, it’s okay if you wake up one day decide that its going to be the last day at your current job, and start looking for something else more interesting, or more relevant to you!

How You See Yourself After Five Years

After five year

How You See Yourself After Five Years” Seems like an easy question, ?No!

How To Leave Your Office On Time

office time

Work-life balance seems like a faraway sweet dream isn’t it?!

5 signs that shows your company actually believes in work-life Balance!

work life Balance

Responsibilities, Duties, Tasks, Deadlines, Target …. And a thousand more things that needs to be done ON TIME.

5 Tips For An Improved Work and quality life


We all need some time to ourselves, no worries, no responsibilities, no pressure!

5 Tips That Will Keep You Productive During Ramadan


That’s why we’re here to list down the 5 tips that will help you become more productive during Ramadan!

Work-Life Balance leads to better Productivity!


Does your day starts with: “Gosh I’m Late!!!” and ends with: “Finally that day is over”?!

9 Tips to Successful Time Management


Time Management-I bet that about more than half of the people on earth dream to master this skill perfectly! We wonder about the differences in the extent of achievements extent between one person and another

How to perform your work effectively from home?

Effectively Work

Working from home is great from many aspects. It saves time and money, as it can make you happier if you plan it right.

How to apply for an Internship

Apply Internship

Are you a fresh graduate without any practical experience? Are you still in school? What are you waiting for? Internship is your way to construct your qualifications and experiences.

How to impress your interviewer

Letter Mistakes

Give a positive initial impression by following the essential basics of interview

Biggest Cover Letter Mistakes

Perfect LinkedIn

“Please attach cover letter along with your resume!” that’s probably the request you’ll always tried to avoid hearing. Although 90% of hiring managers don’t read cover letters, yet 53% of employers prefer candidates who send a cover letter.

How to create Perfect LinkedIn Page

Perfect LinkedIn

It’s a default fact that creating a LinkedIn page in an integral part of getting a job.

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

sell Your self

Many people possess various talents and capabilities. However, lack of self-confidence limit their ability of revealing their talents and capabilities development.

Are You Fresh Graduated And Still Looking For A Job?

are you fresh graduated?

To Get your Bachelor degree or Diploma became an essential to any career, but is it considered that you are unique?! Unfortunately …No

What to do if you get rejected in a job?

Rejected job

Being rejected is one of the toughest experiences that an individual can face in his/her career life! Rejection comes in many flavors.

How to sell yourself?

sell Your self

Each market has its own product and almost all have the same features but "why do most people buy a particular product and not the other?

How to calm yourself down before an interview

After Graduation

It’s no wonder that the interview is preceded by a tense period.

How to get a job after graduation

After Graduation

Congratulations! Finally, you’ve graduated after years of studying, researches and sleepless nights!

How to end up with a job you love

I Love My Job

Job Search is not an easy process. It’s not just about finding any job, but rather it’s finding a job that is perfect fit for you now and ahead.

Work Pressure: 5 Reasons and 7 solutions

Work Pressure

Reasons leading to work pressure.

How to be prosperous in your workplace?


Success, development, and work promotion are what any employee aim for.

10 Secrets for a Happy Career Life


It’s no doubt that career is the honor of a human being. It’s what makes the person an effective, valuable, independent, and able to cover his\her own needs and his\her family’s demands as well.

What are the biggest career mistakes that you should avoid?


Assuming that you know everything.

How to schedule your day for maximum productivity when you’re unemployed?


Unemployment is a stage embodied by contradictory emotions that mix relaxation, frustration, laziness, hope and many other feelings together.

Email Experssion To Use

Email Experssion To Use

Today we are going to demonstrate the proper way of writing a professional email to your employer

Interview Follow Up

Interview Follow Up

Why is it important to follow up with the hiring manager post the interview?

Workplace Personalities

Workplace Personalities

10 significant personalities you will find in the workplace and how to deal with them?

Do you want job in Dubai?

want job in dubai?

Do you want a job in Dubai, and you’re on a visit visa? Here are the solutions!

How to find a job in Dubai ?

job in dubai

If you’re well-equipped and qualified with skills, knowledge, and experience then go to Dubai!

Interviews Etiquette

Interview Behaviours

Many of us make unconscious mistakes during job interviews that may hinder them from getting the desirable job.

Register as a Company


Getting qualified employees is not that difficult any more, there are so many new solutions for the biggest recruiting challenge.

The Professional Recruitment Website


What is Dr.Jobs?

Creating a Perfect Resume

create perfect resume

Creating a perfect resume is your key to getting your desirable job.

Do You Hate Your Job!

Do you Hate Jobs

There are three main points’ makes employee hates their job in any company which are:

Drjobs Infographics September 2018

Sept 2018 Infographics

Total 12044 jobs Posted in the month of September 2018, click here to see the complete infographics.

Drjobs Infographics August 2018

July 2018 Infographics

Drjobs Registered employers across the GCC countries. Over 8,600 plus jobs opportunities are available For the month of August 2018, click here to see the infographics

Drjobs Infographics July 2018

July 2018 Infographics

Drjobs compiled all the jobs vacancies available posted by its registered employers across the GCC countries. Over 8,000 plus jobs opportunities are available, click here to see the infographics.

Are you tired of applying Jobs?

Are you tired of applying jobs?

Watch our video and reach the top with DrJobs, unlimited opportunities starts here..

Life @ Work The Technical Head

Life at Work

This article will help you understand about the work of a Technical Head.

Life @ Work The Social Media Specialist

Life at Work

This article will help you understand about the work of a Social Media Specialist.

Video Resume by Drjobs

Video Resume by Drjobs

Do you want to stand out?

Then this is the time for you to shine, show us what you got be creative and impress your potential employers now.

DrJobs Infographics May 2018

job posted in may 2018

Want to know the Top Companies hiring last May? Click the May infographics below and enjoy reading.

Volunteers While Working

Volunteers While Working

Do you want your FREE time to be more meaningful and valuable? Try volunteering in your community. There are thousands of opportunities for volunteers which are available for career professionals and students..

Job Promotion - Sales Manager

Drjobs Sales Manager Skills

So you have been promoted today to Sales Manager from Sales Executives due to your exceptional results.

Are you ready to embrace your sales management role?

Unlimited Opportunities for AED 2.00 Only

unlimited opportunities

Imagine yourself looking and applying to the limited opportunities posted online chances are, your chance to get noticed are very slim due to stiff competitions against the available opportunities offered.

Why Drjobs is trusted?

why drjobs is trusted?

Wondering why DrJobs is Trusted?
Watch our video explainer why our service is trusted by hundreds of thousands of Jobseekers, register now and apply!

DrJobs Infographics April 2018

DrJobs Infographics - Top Companies Hiring

Top Companies Hiring for the month of April 2018.
Want to know the Top Companies hiring this April? Click the April infographics below and enjoy reading.

Shifting Your Careers to Digital Marketing

Drjobs Digital Marketing Careers

Have you ever thought of shifting your career to Digital Marketing Industry? This industry has billions of dollars of market value, and some universities are also introducing special courses focusing on digital marketing.

Improve Your Drjobs Profile

Improve Your Drjobs Profile

Don’t know how? we will guide YOU
So you register to portal, but don’t know how to create your own profile.This week I will guide you on how to improve your profile, and this will be your first and top most priority to impress your future employers.

Minimum Taxi Fare

Minimum Taxi Fare - DrJobs Careers Opportunities

On this article we will share to you the top reasons why the cost of the minimum taxi fare you pay can land you to unlimited opportunities. Drjobs is a premium job search engine and since our inception last year our family have grown to over 130K premium registered jobseekers.

Walk-in or Online?

Drjobs career Tips - Walk-in or Online

Walk-in or Online?
Many jobseekers today has a variety of options to search and explore for a job opportunities, below are some tips that will help jobseekers to land a job and increase the chances of hiring here in UAE

Interview Preparation

 Drjobs guidelines - Interview Preparation

Congratulations! After submitting hundreds of resumes, you finally received an interview invitation, but...keep your excitement on hold until you consider below DrJobs check list when attending to your job interview. Drjobs prepared some guidelines for you to consider before attending a job interview.