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Biggest Career Mistakes

What are the biggest career mistakes that you should avoid?

    1- Assuming that you know everything.

    2- Forgetting to network.

    3- Not being prepared for meetings.

    4- Ignoring the value of business cards.

    5- Engaging in office drama.

    6- Arriving to meetings late.

    7- Being satisfied doing the minimum.

    8- Not reading up on your industry.

    9- Forgetting to make a LinkedIn page.

    10- Over-sharing personal stories at work.

    11- Burning bridges when leaving a job.

    12- Dressing unprofessionally.

    13- Not learning from your mistakes and failures.

    14- Being a negative person.

    15- Forgetting to thank people who help you.

    16- Not asking for help when you need it.

    17- Falling to see out a mentor.

    18- Not standing up for what you’re worth.

    19- Not proof-reading your emails.

    20- Not considering the value of entry-level positions.