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Speech/Drama Teacher needed in Bahrain - 2 yrs exp

Job Category: Education Teaching jobs

Type : Full Time
Salary : Negotiable
No of Vacancy :
Experience Required : 2

Job Description
Teach Speech/Drama in the modern, westernized city of Bahrain at one of the premier schools for special needs children and regular learners alike.  JOB DESCRIPTION: Speech and Drama Teacher PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Speech and Drama teacher is responsible for helping students learn the listening and speaking skills behind public speaking through speech and drama. The teacher is responsible for improving students’ listening and effective communication skills. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:I. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS/ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 1.1  Communicates high expectations for every student. 1.2  Provides opportunities for every student to succeed. 1.3  Teaches utilizing a variety of strategies. 1.4  Leads students to higher level thinking skills 1.5  Uses a variety of learning aids, technology, materials and equipment to stimulate higher level thinking. 1.6  Involves all students in the learning process and adjusts instruction according to the needs of the students. 1.7  Demonstrates knowledge of varied methodologies in instruction and assessment Is knowledgeable about a variety of evaluation tools and uses them appropriately to assess student progress Seeks assistance from qualified sources Accesses outside resources for authentic audience participation Adapts the design of the lesson, instructional methods, and materials to the specific needs and abilities of individual pupils II. PLANNING AND PREPARATION/KNOWLEDGE 2.1  Demonstrates effective preparation for student instruction. 2.2  Plans lessons to reflect an understanding of group and individual student needs utilizing all available resources including a variety of teaching materials and support staff. 2.3  Demonstrates knowledge of content/curriculum. a. Has command of subject content.• Presents accurate information• Presents material appropriate to developmental level of students LEARNING ENVIRONMENT AND MANAGEMENT3.1 Creates an environment that is safe, orderly and conducive to learning.3.2 Establishes and maintains clearly defined routines and procedures.3.3 Is a positive role model for students.3.4 Encourages active engagement in the learning process.3.5 Establishes and maintains consistent and realistic behavior expectations.3.6 Creates a positive environment by dealing with behavior in a fair, respectful, sensitive and consistent manner3.7 Recognizes and reinforces acceptable behavior so that students can self-monitor. 3.8 Establishes high expectations and fosters pride in accomplishments. COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS 4.1  Promotes a team effort among school/district staff members. Respects the opinions of other staff members. Shares ideas and materials. Assists and supports colleagues. 4.2  Shares relevant information regarding students with appropriate personnel in a confidential manner. 4.3  Promotes positive relationships with parents. 4.4  Maintains ongoing communication with parents regarding instructional programs, classroom policies, practices and procedures. PROFESSIONALISM 5.1  Participates in activities to enhance professional growth which may include, but not be limited to, workshops, course work, conferences, seminars and professional publications.5.2  Demonstrates an awareness of educational issues and knowledge of current research. 5.3 Contributes to the professional community.5.4 Sets appropriate professional goals which can demonstrate but are not limited to risk-taking, innovation and/or sharing.5.5 Shows evidence of achievement toward goals.5.6 Engages in self-evaluation.5.7 Demonstrates punctuality in fulfilling responsibilities.5.8 Maintains confidentiality regarding student information.5.9 Complies with applicable board/administration policies/regulations. RequirementsA Bachelor’s Degree or higherEndorsement in Theater or Drama - Or - At least two years prior experience in teaching Speech or Drama or related course (excluding new hires)Ability to establish collaborative relationships with teaching staffPrior experience in creating year-long curriculumCandidates preferably will have had prior college-level theatrical/debate team experience The Speech and Drama teacher must possess the ability to work tactfully and effectively with the students, teachers, administrators, other employees of the school district and the public in accomplishing the purpose of this position. He/she must display evidence of an educational philosophy in agreement with that of the school and district. He/she should display an understanding of those theories of learning most closely associated with the district's present educational program. He/she must display an ability to communicate effectively with students, teachers and parents. Benefits- Monthly salary in US dollars $1500- Housing allowance $ 500- One roundtrip air-ticket per contract term- Insurance as required by labor law- The school will take care of your lodging and transport for the first seven days and help you find an apartment.

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