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A Credit Controller job description typically includes:

  • Creating procedures and policies that ensure timely payments while maintaining a high level of customer retention
  • Reconciling complex accounts that have been escalated from the AR team
  • Monitoring debtor balances to ensure a reduction in debtors DSO
  • Ensuring credit and collection policies and procedures are followed within your team
  • Liaising with customers, as well as internal personnel including the sales team
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The Al Hosni Group International ( AGI) was established in the mid-1970s with the support and encouragement of the Government of the Sultanate of Oman as the nation was beginning to experience rapid economic growth. Over the years, AGI has gradually expanded in tandam with the country’s economy to reach, today, the status of supplying the local market with premium omani products and high service standards. AGI is based on clear vision and objectives. Its philosophy is to meet the market needs by presenting quality products and services without compromising on quality. AGI operates in various sectors such as trade, manufacturing, industry, tourism and real-estate. It has gradually expanded to serve the international market. Today, AGI comprises over 20 companies, which serves the markets of several countries in the GCC, Middle East and Africa with top quality and trusted Omani products. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to AGI management and staff for their dedication and hard work, which has been instrumental in the company’s growth. I am also grateful to our valued customers & partners for their trust and condence in our products and services. Finally , I would like to acknowledge and thank all AGI suppliers for their commitment and cooperation. Al Hosni Group International will continue its devotion to drive business to the highest satisfaction of its customers all over the world.