Project Controls Engineer - 1
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Project Controls Engineer - 1

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General Description of Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in developing and maintaining the project schedule and budget.
  • Identify and analyze project dependencies and critical paths.
  • Develop and maintain risk management plans and mitigation strategies.
  • Update and revise the project schedule and budget as needed.
  • Monitor project progress against the baseline schedule and budget.
  • Identify and analyze variances from the baseline.
  • Develop and implement corrective action plans to address variances.
  • Track and manage project risks.
  • Prepare and present project status reports to stakeholders.
  • Prepare and present project reports to stakeholders including earned value reports schedule variance reports and cost performance reports.
  • Maintain project records and ensure compliance with project documentation requirements.
  • Informs themselves of the relevant Quality Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Policies Manuals and Procedures within Hill International and ensures continued compliance with these requirements while employed by Hill.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the line manager/supervisor.

Qualifications Experience Knowledge and Skills:

  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration Quantity Surveying Law and Engineering Construction Management Supply Chain Management or equivalent degrees from an accredited university.
  • At least 17 years of experience in cost control including holding the position of cost manager in mega projects.
  • Experience in performing controlling and reviewing costs for engineering disciplines financial reporting systems and onsite cost analysis.
  • Statistical knowhow in the fields of sampling distribution probability hypothesis testing knowledge supervision personnel management and training of technical and nontechnical work staff.
  • The ability to plan organize perform review and present the outputs of cost engineering cost estimation and measurements including the outputs of planning and scheduling independently with minimal supervision and judgment in general from the perspective of knowledge related to the technical skills of planning scheduling engineering design and construction practice.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of engineering procurement contracts construction and startup processes.
  • Knowledge of engineering and construction management written over time through specialized education or practical experience.

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