HS EAL DP English B Teacher
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HS EAL DP English B Teacher

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رقم الوظيفة : 2684140
Application Deadline: 30 April 2024

Scope: Highschool EAL

Reporting to: Head of High School

To excel in this role the successful candidate will possess a diverse range of qualities competencies and experiences. The High School EAL teacher should be a dynamic and passionate educator capable of delivering engaging and effective instruction to students whose primary language is not English. They will play a crucial role in supporting these students to acquire language skills necessary for success in the high school curriculum including international programs such as the IB Diploma and Middle Years Program. The ideal candidate will foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment collaborating closely with students colleagues and parents.


1. Qualifications and Experience:

1.1 Bachelor s degree in English Language Teaching or a related field.

1.2. Possession of qualified teacher status relevant to the teaching responsibilities.

1.3 Demonstrated experience in teaching within an EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme.

2. Knowledge and Skills:

2.1 Alignment with the schools values of belonging integrity resilience and kindness.

2.2 Strong understanding of EAL pedagogy language acquisition theories and cultural competency.

2.3 Excellent communication skills with proficiency in English.

2.4 Capability to differentiate instruction through diverse teaching methodologies inspiring engagement and challenging learning experiences tailored to accommodate students of various cultural backgrounds and abilities.

2.5 Familiarity with WIDA Assessment and other assessment tools

2.6 Knowledge of current research on effective teaching and learning strategies.

2.7 Skill in supporting students academic and pastoral needs.

2.8 Familiarity with curriculum design principles and assessment strategies.

2.9 Ability to collaborate effectively within the school community.

2.10 Commitment to ongoing professional development.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 Implement EAL policies and strategic plans within the high school context.

3.2 Collaborate with school leadership and colleagues to ensure effective delivery of EAL instruction.

3.3 Contribute to the design and implementation of the high school curriculum incorporating EAL support as needed.

3.4 Participate in the development and review of assessment and reporting systems for EAL students.

3.5 Teach EAL courses at the High School level and maintain comprehensive curriculum documentation for these courses.

3.6. Implement effective inclass and outofclass support strategies to facilitate differentiation and ensure EAL students access to the curriculum.

3.7. Assess students for placement into and exit from EAL support programmes.

3.8. Develop review and update individualized learning targets for EAL students.

3.9. Cultivate a deep understanding of the educational and linguistic backgrounds of EAL students.

3.10. Celebrate and affirm the multilingual profiles of students while promoting mother tongue maintenance within the school community.

3.11. Collaborate closely with the Student Support Services/Inclusion team to provide comprehensive support and monitoring for EAL students especially those with additional academic or social/emotional needs.

3.12. Actively participate in departmental initiatives connected with Student Support Services.

3.13. Share effective EAL support strategies with mainstream teachers who work with EAL students.

3.14. Collaborate with college counselors curriculum coordinators and administration to ensure the successful integration of EAL students into the school community and to support their future curricular pathways.

3.15. Stay informed about developments in the field of EAL education and contribute to ongoing professional development efforts within the school.

3.16. Teach IB DP English B designing and implementing a dynamic curriculum that supports language acquisition fosters cultural understanding and develops critical thinking and communication skills in a diverse high school environment.

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